Tips on Butterfly Watching 

Basically, you can observe butterflies year-round in Hong Kong. If you want to get closer to them, pay attention to the following tips on butterfly watching:

tips on butterfly watching
tips on butterfly watching


In general, butterfly species and population increase during spring and summer seasons and decreases in autumn and winter times.


During rainy days, butterflies often hide under the leaves or in the bushes. After the rain, butterflies emerge for sun-bathing. Therefore, sunshine after rain is the best time to watch butterflies.


You can encounter common butterflies in most urban parks. If you want to look for less common species, try your luck in the country parks. The well-protected Fung Shui woodlands of rural villages are home to numerous rarer butterfly species!


Butterflies are sensitive to colour change. Never put on reflective clothing for butterfly watching. If you wear clothing of natural colour, and slowly approach butterflies from their abdomen side, you can more easily observe them.


Butterflies are agile animals. They can soar into the sky in a second. Hence telescope is essential tool. In addition, you can bring a camera to capture the beauty of butterflies from a distance. If you need to identify the species at the scene, bring a pictorial guide with you.